General topics in a review

These topics, adapted from science best practices, provide focus to reviews and are also used as the categories for indexing the blogs. A review can generate a series of blogs, one for each category explored. Tags are used to relate multiple blogs to the parent review.

Category Action
Review Introduction, Summary, and Related links
Story Summarize the goal of the presentation. Do initial So What test. The Craft of Research (Booth, Colomb, & Williams, 1995)
Research Do the authors fairly represent the corpus of information available? This is a good indicator of their style and bias. At minimum, read the primary sources of each key reference. Turning Numbers into Knowledge (Koomey, 2008)
Argument Extract conclusion and supporting premises from story. William Hughes Critical Thinking (Hughes, 2000)
Comparisons The core of exploration and communication. Go beyond control groups and bar charts to Tufte’s chapter on parallelism. Visual Explanations (Tufte, 1997, pp. 78-103)
Measurement Valid measures for each premise.
Statistics It is nice to know if the observed difference are greater than expected from random fluctuations. Control charts: A lesson in variation.
Communicate Clear, crisp and appropriate for target audience.The Craft of Research for the prose, and Words, Numbers, Images—Together (Tufte, Beautiful Evidence, 2006, pp. 82-121)
Transparency All evidence based public content should follow the Science Magazine submission requirement.

All data necessary to understand, assess, and extend the conclusions of the manuscript must be available to any reader of Science. … After publication, all reasonable requests for data and materials must be fulfilled.

The availability of this information is critical for review and for replication.

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